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I have never really been one to despise Mondays but for those of you who do rest easy…. Another Monday is done.  I have been in denial all day but it’s time I face it.. I think my husband and I are coming down with another cold. 😦  Yesterday we took Caitlin out for some family exercise.  There is this old toboggan hill not too far from us that is closed down.  All that remains aside from the building at the top is a forever staircase.  There are 126 steps.  Sounds like nothing until you start the hike up those suckers!  A little side story.. just before I was diagnosed with graves disease I was working my butt off losing weight.  I actually lost 50 lbs with a lot of exercise and calorie counting.  With my lovely diagnosis came the weight I worked so hard to get off!  It took some time to stabilize my thyroid enough to live my life almost normal again, but I am now working again on losing the weight.  So anyway, with me back on the diet and exercise train and Caitlin in conditioning (we sparked a cord and even the hubs and Stephen are working out!) we started running 3 times a week.  So I’m figuring, I’m on my 5th week running so the stairs would be no problem.. Well I actually made the climb without stopping!  On previous attempts I had to stop 2 or more times.  So this in itself was a great achievement for me… but my lungs paid the price!  I literally felt as if I was about to collapse a lung.  My husband thinks we are both just coming down with something because I have been congested and coughing since.  This evening I’m feeling body aches! YUK!  So yes, I need to face the fact that I may be getting sick… again.

On the plus side of being sick, it leaves me lots of time to create!  And today I wasted no time getting started!  I have been working on a surprise for my followers!  A first time ever (for me) Printable FREEBIE!! 🙂  I will give a little hint.. It will help you with organizing, and it involves some crafting. Yes I know it’s not much to go by but when it’s all together and ready I will post it along with a tutorial!

Tonight I also made a run up to our dollar store and grabbed some supplies for a project I’m going to be working on for the Sweet 16 party!  The tutorial for this will hopefully be posted this week!

I’ve also been getting my ideas gathered for St. Patrick’s Day!! And working on re-purposing our heart shaped boxes.  (great song btw)

Stick around! I’ve got lots of fun coming up!  🙂

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