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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!!

This year our family embraced the reason for the season!  Instead of spending a ton of money and allowing greed to run our Holiday we had a semi Homemade Christmas.  I say semi homemade because although a lot of our gifts were homemade I still shopped a bit.  It’s the habit I think and really greed that drives us to spend spend spend on Christmas!  I don’t mean the greed like Scrooge in the Christmas carol, or even the give me gifts greed either although there are some like that, what I mean is the greed to HAVE to spend so much thinking it’s the only way to have a good Christmas.  Anyway here is some of what we did to get the most out of the season and the real meaning of it.

First we prayed, a lot!

Then we scoured the internet for ideas!

Here are a couple of things we did!

My daughter and I found these really cool mini crossbows made from Popsicle sticks and barrettes!  so we downloaded the instructions and made one for everyone. We even made ammo and custom colored each one.

You can find the video here. However the instructions are not free anymore but I believe they are under $5 and well worth it!  So much fun!

My daughter is a home schooled senior and this year I decided to do a woodshop class.  So for her first big project she made a beautiful pine cabinet for my husband.

linked here, we altered the design a bit because some of the instructions seemed off and we used pine from the oops wood at our local lumber yard, so we had to change the doors a bit.

Using a dremel she etched a tree into the each side.

Using a dremel she etched a tree into the each side.

grill cab1

While shopping for materials in our local craft store we came across this batman light for nearly $200! Both my kids loved it, but $200 yeah right!!!

My gears began running and I built them lights for just $2.50 each! That included tissue paper, paint, the light, and the frame. I had the wood.



I also made several crocheted items I will share later 🙂  A couple of cute sock monkeys, and for some Holiday entertainment an elf on the shelf was crocheted and named Larry, he made his first appearance Dec. 1st. 🙂

We made a gingerbread house from scratch, that was a fun family night!

What did you do to make your Holiday special?

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Christmas Nails

I don’t paint my nails too often.  I sew and I craft and I am always doing something whether it’s one of my hobbies or fixing something around the house.  So when it comes to painting my nails it is usually a wasted task! The paint always gets scraped off or chipped literally within a few hours of me not babying the nails!  Because of this, when it comes to painting my nails I go all out when I do.  This time I went with Santa Hats to be festive! And I  must say I’ve only had to touch up once  and I have clear coated every other day to keep them looking great! 🙂  I have also been in a slump as far as crafting and sewing!  Things in life have still just been all jumbled! It’s like a downward spiral on a giant roller coaster around here the past year! But we are a strong family and I am confident the new year will be amazing! 13 is just not my number!  So anyway lets get back to these cute nails shall we!?

Here’s how I did it..

I gathered 4 polishes.  a red tone, white, silver sparkles (this can be replaced with a nail gem but will require nail glue) and finally a clear coat.

This paint job doesn’t require skill so if you are afraid don’t be!

Using the red I roughly painted the top part of each nail.  I then went back with a dab of red polish and pulled it down and curved in.  When that dried using the white I made several dots across the nail just below the red covering over it a bit.  Be sure to stop before the part you pulled down.  Then using the silver sparkles I dotted the tips of all the hats.  once dry I went over the white and silver again.  When this all dried completely I went over it with 2 coats of clear coat.

To keep them neat and pretty I clear coat them every other day and touch up the colors if needed.

You can see in the photo above the red bled through the white.  I do not know why this happened it could be because the white I used was a really cheap brand.  In the future I will clear coat over any color before putting white over it to stop this from happening. 🙂

Thanks for stopping in and joining me for my venture in Nails!  😉

I’d love to see any photos if you try it!!

Till Next Time




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