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Bedroom Re-Design Vol. 2

So I mentioned being MIA in Bedroom Re-Design Vol. 1.  I was busy this summer.  Both of my kids got room makeovers.

My sons request was green.  I cringed a bit, I am picky when it comes to wall colors.  Certain shades of certain colors should never be used on walls in my opinion.  For instance that color blue from the 70’s actually to me most any blue unless it has a gray tint.  Anyway, so yes I cringed a little cause green is a tough one on walls for me.

I found this awesome design on google.

Photo found on Google Search. Credit is on picture Looks to say Franco Beraci.

So I had my inspiration and I had some samples of greens and grays.  He didn’t like the green in the photo. So Here is what we came up with.  I’m not into the green he chose, but it’s his room.

Before the walls were an eggshell with a border on the top.  Sorry I don’t have before pics.

The accent wall.

The closet door handles I did white with tribal on them.

I decided to paint tribal on each side of the window.

I found an image and printed it out, I made it large so it took 2 sheets of paper to print. I taped them together, used a pencil on the back of the paper and covered over the design, taped it to the wall then traced over the design leaving pencil markings on the wall. 🙂 easier than cutting and stenciling.

The entertainment center will be painted white and my daughter is going to custom paint video game characters on it.  I will post those pics when it is complete.

I will not use my ipod to take those pictures 😉  I promise.

His window just has blinds over it for now.  I’m either going to make curtains or leave it with blinds.  We haven’t decided yet.

Till next time.

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Custom Chandelier

As promised in Bedroom Re-Design Vol. 1 I am sharing how I made this custom chandelier.

I would suggest reading this entire post before going at this on your own.

It is always best to consult a professional.


Be sure to read and follow all instructions contained in your light fixture kits you purchase.

Now with all that out of the way, I used parts I had left over from 2 previous light fixtures I either made or altered.  If you make this project I have listed the parts I used, some of them may come in kits or can be purchased separately.

For this project I used:

  1. Two cluster fixture socket (pictured)
  2. swag light kit (pictured)
  3. electrical tape
  4. electric wire nuts
  5. wire strippers/cutter
  6. screw collar loop kit w/swivel crossbar (pictured below) you may also need to pick up a longer nipple (which is the tube in the left picture below with the threads on the outside)
  7. round box plate with center hole (pictured below)
  8. Two wire wreath forms I used 14″ (cheapest found at Walmart under $3)
  9. Pliers
  10. heavy duty wire cutters (to cut hanger)
  11. 3 wire hangers
  12. scissors
  13. 1 yard choice of fabric
  14. hot glue and gun
  15. beads of choice (Walmart cheapest)
  16. floral wire (thin gauge to affix beads)
  17. 4 yards ribbon (possibly less)
  18. jewelry Chain & jump rings
  19. rivet gun and rivets med. to large

To start out I opened the wire holding the circles on the wreath.  I used the outer and inner circles.  Those where not welded to the holding wire.  And were the perfect size for the chandelier I had visioned.

Next Icut wire hangers to get 8 pieces.  I bent the ends as seen in picture.

I attached 4 to the small rings and 4 to the large rings.

Before crimping I had to make sure the rings sat straight and even.  After fighting with it, I finally got it somewhat straight.

as you can see there was still one or two that just wouldn’t stay straight but that was fixed while adding the fabric and ribbon.

Taking the larger shade and the swivel crossbar I found my center, placed the center hole of the swivel crossbar on my center mark (this can be done on the floor or table by taping a piece of paper down, putting something on 4 sides of the shade to hold it in place then marking the center on the paper).  I measured the distance between the holes at the ends of the swivel to the shade added 2 inches cut 4 more pieces of hanger, made a loop on one end and crimped the other around the top of the shade. I then used the rivet gun to attach the other end to the swivel crossbar.

The next step was adding the fabric and the ribbon to the shade forms.  This was a daunting task.  I first measured then measured again then cut the length and width I needed leaving plenty on the length to fold a nice hem.  I then began gluing.  and.. gluing and.. yep you guessed it gluing some more.  It looked hideous. However the ribbon was intended to cover the wire form and hide the hideous glue 🙂 So I began to glue again first inside then out.

Next I assembled the light.  Using the kits and various parts I had from other projects.

I used screws to attach the wall box plate to the swivel crossbar.  This was to insure the chandelier wasn’t applying any pressure on the wires while hanging.

I ran the wires through the nipple and the swivel and plate. I followed the instructions that came with the swag kit and strung the chain and attached the switch.  Then I  attached the wires from the fixture to the swag with wire nuts put elec. tape over them just to be extra safe. I made sure everything was tight and in place.

I then measured the chain and attached it to the top cross bars and the bottom shade poking the jump ring through the fabric around the wire.  You can see it in the above photos.

Finally I decided on how to place the beads used the floral wire and poked it through the fabric where I wanted it to hang.

I plugged it while my husband held it up and turned it on to test it.  everything seemed to be in order and functioning properly.  We hung it up with the hooks that came in the swag kit.

For my second light fixture I made from scratch I’d say it turned out pretty good. 🙂

I did have a little pinspiration.

After completing this light I found that there were other light hardware pieces I could have used as opposed to riveting and cutting hangers.  But over all this was pretty cheap to make.

The one pictured above on ebay was going for $100

Mine was a fraction of that.

Until next time!

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Bedroom Re-Design Vol. 1

Hello!!  My it has been quite some time since I have posted.  I apologize for my neglect and being totally MIA for so long.  I have been going through many life changes and self discovery.  That has all come with so many ups and downs.  Anyway, enough of that stuff.

Lets move on to what I’ve been up to in my many months MIA.

We’ve been doing lots of remodeling (on the cheap), finding ways to give the place a face lift that wont break the bank.  We started in our kids rooms.

In this Volume I’m going to share with you what we did to customize our daughters room.  She did most of the designing with much advise from me 😉  but most of it she made the choices.

So here are some before pictures.  You can see we had to remove trim that had been up for about 12 or more years.  That was a task!  I will suggest having a bottle of warm soapy water to spray while removing such old trim.  IF it was stick on, meaning the glue was on it already and you only needed to dip in water to apply.  If it was done with wallpaper paste… well good luck 😉

IMG_1332 IMG_1333 IMG_1334 IMG_1335 IMG_1336 IMG_1338

The room was painted a creamy coffee color.  That just wouldn’t do.

To start we purchased a bed set for her, she wanted a new one for her birthday.  She gave me colors she’d like and I went from there.  I chose at Walmart a bed in a bag set.  It came with sheets, pillow case, pillow sham, comforter, and bed skirt.  Because she wanted purple and this set was only black and white I purchased a purple sheet set also.  Because the bed in the bag was so inexpensive I was able to stay in budget with adding the sheet set.  Also it gave her many options on styling her bed.  We also got a large fuzzy purple pillow.  She’s a pillowhaulic always has been 🙂

So I began scouring the interwebs for bedroom designs in purple and black (her colors) to get some inspiration.  We found a few we liked and grabbed ideas from several images.

Here is her vision.


Above:  In a future post I will share how I made this custom chandelier.


over her bed “Always Kiss Me Goodnight”


These curtains we found at our local family dollar for $12 each panel.  The are single rod silk swirl design drape and valance with lace drape in the back.


🙂  Just an owl wall sticker


She decided to paint the closet and entry door with chalk board paint so her and her friends could write little notes.  For the handles we purchased a key and  keyhole knobs from Hobby Lobby on sale 50% off.  We painted them purple.


This is her focal wall it is sprayed with purple and silver glitter over the purple paint.  Really hard to see it in the photo, but it’s there. 🙂  That was a bit pricey but I later found out it would have been cheaper if I had purchased the paint from walmart instead of Hobby Lobby :S Lesson learned.


The trim in the room was painted with a semi gloss black.



The bed set with the purple sheets.

Over all the cost to do this including the bedset was under $175.00

Well worth it!

Stay tuned for Vol. 2 🙂

Till then Keep it Crafty!


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