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Christmas Nails

I don’t paint my nails too often.  I sew and I craft and I am always doing something whether it’s one of my hobbies or fixing something around the house.  So when it comes to painting my nails it is usually a wasted task! The paint always gets scraped off or chipped literally within a few hours of me not babying the nails!  Because of this, when it comes to painting my nails I go all out when I do.  This time I went with Santa Hats to be festive! And I  must say I’ve only had to touch up once  and I have clear coated every other day to keep them looking great! 🙂  I have also been in a slump as far as crafting and sewing!  Things in life have still just been all jumbled! It’s like a downward spiral on a giant roller coaster around here the past year! But we are a strong family and I am confident the new year will be amazing! 13 is just not my number!  So anyway lets get back to these cute nails shall we!?

Here’s how I did it..

I gathered 4 polishes.  a red tone, white, silver sparkles (this can be replaced with a nail gem but will require nail glue) and finally a clear coat.

This paint job doesn’t require skill so if you are afraid don’t be!

Using the red I roughly painted the top part of each nail.  I then went back with a dab of red polish and pulled it down and curved in.  When that dried using the white I made several dots across the nail just below the red covering over it a bit.  Be sure to stop before the part you pulled down.  Then using the silver sparkles I dotted the tips of all the hats.  once dry I went over the white and silver again.  When this all dried completely I went over it with 2 coats of clear coat.

To keep them neat and pretty I clear coat them every other day and touch up the colors if needed.

You can see in the photo above the red bled through the white.  I do not know why this happened it could be because the white I used was a really cheap brand.  In the future I will clear coat over any color before putting white over it to stop this from happening. 🙂

Thanks for stopping in and joining me for my venture in Nails!  😉

I’d love to see any photos if you try it!!

Till Next Time




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DIY Fire Starters

The cold weather is here! As I was browsing Pinterest I found these neat little homemade fire starters. I thought since it is also hunting season I usually send my hubby with something special I’ve made. Whether its a yummy snack or a simple I love you note tucked into his gear. This year I decided to make him these neat little fire starters.


What you’ll need:
Cupcake tins
Wax paper
Wax (I grabbed a large jar candle from the dollar store)
Bamboo skewer
Lint from the trap in dryer

Melt the wax carefully the way you feel most comfortable. In this case I placed the jar in a pot of water and carefully heated it until it melted. Cut the wax paper into enough squares for each cup of the muffin tin.
Stuff each cup with lint
Break the skewer into six pieces and use one in each cup. Carefully pour the wax into each cup using the skewer to hold the wax paper down.


Allow them to cool and there you have it! 🙂
Till next time keep it crafty!

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Spring Cleaning 101

The Spring Equinox is March 20.  Spring is literally around the corner!  Very soon the squirrels with be frolicking, tulips and daffodils will be beginning their ascent from the dirt and the birds will be singing joyful springtime songs.   Nothing beats the slumpy winter blues like a fresh and clean home!

I am going to share with you my spring cleaning list and how I go about completing it.  Now because this is an extensive list I suggest doing one or two things on the list a day and getting your whole family to help!  We like to put on some music to get the family cleaning!  I remember my mom always put on music Sunday morning after breakfast to clean.  It is a tradition I carried on to my family.   I am also including the list I write out for my husband.  He would rather go fishing but this stuff must get done so putting on his music in the garage and giving him a cooler and a six pack usually helps. 🙂

To keep from cleaning spaces more than once I start at the top and work my way down.  Here are 11 things to have on hand to help out with cleaning:

  1. distilled white vinegar
  2. cleaning rags
  3. 20 mule team borax
  4. lemons
  5. duster
  6. vacuum
  7. Mr. Clean magic eraser
  8. baking soda
  9. mop and bucket
  10. broom
  11. steam cleaner

Lets get started, as i said I work from ceiling to floor to keep from cleaning multiple times.  You can choose to do one room at a time or do the ceilings in all rooms etc.  I prefer doing one room at a time but there is no rule on spring cleaning.

Get a box for items you no longer want or need and mark it sell or donate. Along the way of spring cleaning add items to the box.

Spring cleaning list

basic cleaning steps for all rooms:

    • sweep cobwebs from ceilings making sure you get in the corners, determine whether or not they need to be washed or just spot cleaned
    • wipe down all horizontal surfaces with a rag dampened with vinegar
      • door frames
      • artwork and pictures
      • base boards
      • shelves
      • banisters
    • remove all glass light covers and wash in warm soapy water
    • clean ceiling fans
    • wipe down walls Mr. Clean magic eraser comes in handy for this job fill a water bottle with equal parts water and vinegar and a few wedges of a lemon squeezed in and the rind put in the bottle.
    • vacuum floor and wall vents and wipe down with vinegar
    • remove and clean window treatments per factory recommendations (check tags)
    • bring floor mats and rugs outside and take out some aggression and beat them with a broom handle 😉
    • wash windows inside and out and scrub the tracks with soapy water and an old toothbrush

Room by room list:

      • Organize declutter and deep clean bathrooms
        • work from the ceilings down using the steps in the basic list above this includes taking down and washing shower curtains.
        • pull out everything from cabinets and drawers wipe them out
        • check dates on meds and vitamins and dispose of  any that are expired
        • replace items and organize as you put it all away.
        • empty and clean out trash can using vinegar and lemon
        • wash the sink and tub and shower I find that a scrub brush and 20 mule team borax works great! Don’t use vinegar or lemon on tiles! It will eat away the grout!
        • wipe down the cabinets
        • give the toilet a good scrub down using a good cleaner that gets hard water, cleaning the out side around the toilet, use a steam cleaner if you have one!
      • Organize declutter and deep clean kitchen and dining room

        • work from the ceilings down using the steps in the basic list above
        • clean off and declutter top of refrigerator remove any magnets wipe down with vinegar
        • clean the oven spray it with cleaner and move on to the next step while you wait for it work.
        • remove everything from freezer wipe out and clean shelves in warm soapy water organize and check dates on food when putting it all back. replace baking soda box.
        • remove everything from fridge clean shelves and drawers in warm soapy water check dates  on food and condiments. replace baking soda box
        • remove knobs, burners, and burner covers from stove top and clean in warm soapy water
        • if your burner covers are crusted with greasy grime that wont come off in soapy water place them in a 2 gallon ziplock bag pour about 3 tablespoons of ammonia seal the bag and let sit over night then wash in warm soapy water. (you will be amazed at what actually comes off!)
        • wipe down and clean small appliances
        • run coffee pot cleaner through your coffee pot after wiping it down
        • clean out Microwave if you have stubborn splatters in there bring some water to a boil in the microwave and let it stand a few minutes it should wipe right out.  Invest in food cover for your microwave.  I did and wow! it keeps the splatters off the walls of the microwave!
        • clean out dishwasher if you have one following manufacturers cleaning directions
        • clean out and organize cabinets and drawers getting rid of clutter (mix matched lids etc.) wipe out with vinegar.
        • clean the front of cabinets and drawers
        • clean out sink.  My cousin Amy posted a great sink cleaning and repair technique on Painted Posies, you can find it Here.  it explains how to get tough stains out of porcelain sinks.  The same technique can be used on stainless steal for coffee stains etc.
        • wash counter tops to get tough spots (between back splash and sink I use my steam cleaner.
        • by now the oven should be ready put on those tacky yellow gloves and have at it.
        • wipe down tables and chairs
        • clean out drip pan
      • Organize declutter and deep clean living room and family room

        • work from the ceilings down using the steps in the basic list above.
        • clean and vacuum couches and chairs
        • clean electronics remove all books games movies from cabinets clean and dust sort put away
        • dust knickknacks and lamps I find that using a can of air works great
        • vacuum under all furniture
      • Organize declutter and deep clean bedrooms
        • work from the ceilings down using the steps in the basic list above.
        • remove all bedding including skirts and pillows and launder
        • sprinkle the bed with baking soda and leave sit at least an hour then vacuum off with the brush attachment this would be a good time to flip your mattress
        • dust down and clean lamps and knickknacks
        • wipe down all dressers and furniture
      • Organize and declutter wardrobe and closets (make use of the sell box)
      • Organize and declutter office/computer room
        • work from the ceilings down using the steps in the basic list above
        • clean off desk wipe down
        • remove stuff from cabinets wipe out
        • sort out papers
        • organize clutter
        • this is a good time to go through that file cabinet and get shredding 😉
        • thoroughly wipe down desk chair
        • don’t forget to spring clean your computer!!  delete old unused files and games get those pictures printed and put on a disk  etc.
    • Organize deep clean and declutter laundry room/ utility room
          • work from the ceilings down using the steps in the basic list above.
          • wipe down and clean out cabinets
          • with help pull out the dryer and follow the manufacturers instructions on cleaning out the lint area in the back of the machine this can be a fire hazard if it gets too stuffed with lint.
          • clean and dust off appliances

      Finishing up and final touches

        • sweep all floors taking care to get in the corners and under all appliances etc.
        • vacuum all carpets getting in corners and along walls and under all furniture etc.
        • deep clean carpets with a carpet cleaner rinse thoroughly left over soap will collect more dirt and grime
        • deodorize all drains including in basement I pour in baking soda a little water then dump in vinegar wait 5-10 minutes then dump a little more vinegar wait 30 mins and dump really hot water to flush.
        • clean out and dust off vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner swiffers etc.
        • change vacuum filter
        • change batteries in all smoke and carbon detectors and test

At some point I’m sure the husband has started to work outside .  But to get started on his list I walk around in every room with a tablet of paper and pen and jot down all the maintenance that needs to be done.  This stuff will be added to my husbands spring clean up list but at the bottom because I’m not afraid of  hammers and nails and power tools so I will be helping more than likely with these things. And I will make sure the work is done in each room before I get started in it.  I will get a large box and mark it sell for our next garage sale and put it out in the garage for him to put any unused and unwanted items.

The Husbands Spring Cleaning List


          • Organize and clean up the garage
            • Organize the tool box
            • clean off the top of the tool box and work bench
            • clean out and organize the drawers, cabinets and shelves.  Putting loose nails, screws, etc. in plastic containers or jars.
            • straighten up the sports station putting air in the balls that need it. (have son do this while you are cleaning other stuff)
            • put remaining Christmas boxes up in the attic
            • sweep floor
          • Clean up the patio
          • Organize the shed
            • move the snow shovels and snow blower to the back
            • move the sleds to the back
            • bring forward the lawn mower and wheel barrow
            • bring the grill forward
            • sweep the floor
          • clean up the garbage can area and clean out the cans with lysol
          • Maintenance inside the house
            • oil hinges on doors if needed
            • tighten door knobs if needed
            • fix small hole in the computer room wall
            • replace threshold between hallway and kitchen
            • treat the pergo floor in the kitchen
            • upstairs bathroom toilet is wobbly.. see what’s up with that and fix it.

Well that’s it! That is my extensive spring cleaning list. I am sure there is more that I will add along the way.  But when it is all done we all feel better and we are ready to take on the summer! 🙂  No matter how you choose to take on your spring cleaning whether its all at once or a room a day I hope this post helps!!

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Up and Coming…

I have never really been one to despise Mondays but for those of you who do rest easy…. Another Monday is done.  I have been in denial all day but it’s time I face it.. I think my husband and I are coming down with another cold. 😦  Yesterday we took Caitlin out for some family exercise.  There is this old toboggan hill not too far from us that is closed down.  All that remains aside from the building at the top is a forever staircase.  There are 126 steps.  Sounds like nothing until you start the hike up those suckers!  A little side story.. just before I was diagnosed with graves disease I was working my butt off losing weight.  I actually lost 50 lbs with a lot of exercise and calorie counting.  With my lovely diagnosis came the weight I worked so hard to get off!  It took some time to stabilize my thyroid enough to live my life almost normal again, but I am now working again on losing the weight.  So anyway, with me back on the diet and exercise train and Caitlin in conditioning (we sparked a cord and even the hubs and Stephen are working out!) we started running 3 times a week.  So I’m figuring, I’m on my 5th week running so the stairs would be no problem.. Well I actually made the climb without stopping!  On previous attempts I had to stop 2 or more times.  So this in itself was a great achievement for me… but my lungs paid the price!  I literally felt as if I was about to collapse a lung.  My husband thinks we are both just coming down with something because I have been congested and coughing since.  This evening I’m feeling body aches! YUK!  So yes, I need to face the fact that I may be getting sick… again.

On the plus side of being sick, it leaves me lots of time to create!  And today I wasted no time getting started!  I have been working on a surprise for my followers!  A first time ever (for me) Printable FREEBIE!! 🙂  I will give a little hint.. It will help you with organizing, and it involves some crafting. Yes I know it’s not much to go by but when it’s all together and ready I will post it along with a tutorial!

Tonight I also made a run up to our dollar store and grabbed some supplies for a project I’m going to be working on for the Sweet 16 party!  The tutorial for this will hopefully be posted this week!

I’ve also been getting my ideas gathered for St. Patrick’s Day!! And working on re-purposing our heart shaped boxes.  (great song btw)

Stick around! I’ve got lots of fun coming up!  🙂

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Valentine Freebies from out and about!

Today I had planned on getting another project done and sharing it but I ended up taking care of laptop problems on not one but both of my children’s laptops.  So time got away with me.  What I did manage to do today in my own surfing for last minute Valentines was to gather a nice list of Valentines Printable Freebies!  So if your month has flown by and you need something asap have a look at the links below.  I hope you enjoy and find that special something!  Thanks to all the wonderful people that shared these freebies!

5 Valentines Card printables

© Pauline Grayson @ Sweet Muffin Suite

Kids Valentines printables

© Pauline Grayson @ Sweet Muffin Suite

Valentine coupon book for that love in your life

Valentines Sucker Cards

You’re a catch Valentines cards

Mustache valentines

Popcorn Valentine

Valentines Tags

Valentines bingo

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Valentines Mad Libs

Well there it is all the awesome freebies I came across today!  Actually there was way more but these where my faves!  Browse the blogs you are sure to find more!

I hope I helped simplify a few of your Valentines days 🙂  Thanks for stopping by!


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