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Frozen Grapes Anyone?

photo ©Stacey Austin

This has become a party favorite at our parties.  I usually use seedless red and green grapes.  These were just to have in the freezer for a quick snack and the grapes were on sale 🙂  yes yes I do lurve me a good sale! Especially on produce!  I mentioned these grapes in the The Big day… Sweet 16 to remember post.  These grapes are always the first to go!  They add a nice cool healthy treat to your food table.  I also recommend these guys for summer BBQ’s and just to have in the freezer for an after school snack!

What you’ll need:

Seedless Grapes
granulated sugar
bamboo skewers


I start by washing the grapes.  This can be done however you choose but I like to get as much of the impurities off them as possible.  I don’t like the idea of eating pesticide.  Anyway to do this when I get home with my produce. I fill up the sink with cold water and add a cup of vinegar then I put all my produce in it and swish around.  The vinegar will clean off any wax, pesticides etc. that are lingering on the fruit and veggies. Drain the water and rinse thoroughly.  Once your grapes are clean pick them off the bunch and put into a colander.  Grab a baking sheet and set aside.  rinse the grapes again with cold water (the water is needed to hold the sugar) and start putting them on the skewers and setting on the baking sheet.  Once you have them all done sprinkle the grapes with sugar.  How much sugar you use is up to you, you can omit the sugar completely.  I try the grapes and if they are sour I will add a bit more sugar if they are sweet then none.  Put the baking sheet in the freezer.  Once they are frozen you can transfer them to a large Ziploc baggy or freezer container.

Enjoy! 🙂


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