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Regrow Food at Home

I’ve always had a green thumb as long as I can remember.  I think it was a trait passed down from my Grandmother cause my Mother also has a green thumb.  Something about growing plants.  🙂  I have always been interested in growing seeds from produce I buy at the store.  I have had a lemon tree growing in a pot for 12 years now, that I started from a seed I saved from a lemon.  1 more year and it will start to bear fruit.  Lemon trees take 13 years to mature.  I recently found out to trick them into thinking they are older to bear fruit much sooner you can prune a stem from an old lemon tree and root it.  I think that may be one of my next projects!  Anyway, that is just one thing you can regrow at home.  Today I’m going to be talking about my latest veggie I decided to give a go at regrowing and so far it’s coming along very well!


Yes, you can regrow celery you bought at the store!  Here is how..

photo ©Stacey Austin Seamingly Crafty

Start out with a head of celery.  Cut off the stalks close to the bottom leaving about an inch or two.  Set your stalks aside, we are going to fix those up later in this post.

photo ©Stacey Austin Seamingly Crafty

you will end up with this.

The bottom of the celery head is where the roots will grow from.  Your celery head may have a few small roots already growing from it.

photo ©Stacey Austin Seamingly Crafty

Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t.  As you can see mine didn’t and was cut really close to the stalks.

Next you can choose to plant your celery out in your garden or you can start it in water in a shallow dish inside or in a pot inside if you wish to grow it over the cold months.  I chose to plant mine in the garden.  When planting in soil plant it down just enough for the nubs of the stalks to sit even with the soil or just under.  In my photo below mine where even but with watering and rain they got covered.  Be sure to water your celery after planting it and be sure to keep the soil moist.  After the roots take well you won’t have to worry so much about the soil staying so moist.

photo ©Stacey Austin Seamingly Crafty

Here is my celery about a week after planting it.  (don’t mind the mess, we were in the process of cleaning up after a storm)

When preparing your celery for regrowing, you can also choose to snap off the stalks leaving only the center most hearts of the celery and plant that.  This will grow your stalks much faster.  🙂  This process I am going to try indoors over the colder months.

So whichever way you choose to regrow your celery enjoy! and please share your experience with me!! 🙂

Now lets talk stalks.

Cut off the tops of the stalks and recycle in compost or use for stock or to feed your bunny 😉   The leaves can be used in salads and can also be dried and used for seasoning.  Clean the stalks well.  I use my potato brush to scrub them.  Store them in a Ziploc bag until ready to use.  OR  If you notice your celery getting limp, simply place them in a container with water stored in the fridge.  They will crisp up in a few hours or less.   I use bottled or filtered water for this.


Celery is known as a “negative calorie food”  This is the idea that your body will burn more calories digesting the food than it will extract from the food.  YES! score! 🙂

Celery is also a good alternative to smoking… I know this from personal experience and experiences shared with me by others.  When trying to quit smoking carry around some celery in a small bag.  Whenever you feel the urge to smoke chew on some celery.  🙂  It worked for me.

There are many other foods you can grow from your fridge and pantry.  Coming soon I’ll talk about potatoes and pineapple 🙂


In the meantime remember my last post about my sweet peas?  Here is an updated photo.  My how they’ve grown in just 7 days!

photo ©Stacey Austin Seamingly Crafty


Until next time… Keep it Crafty! 😉




Natures Helpful Garden Trellis

My Husband and I have been working out in the garden.  This year we decided to grow some sweet baby pea pods.

I have placed two plants in a large planter and used an old little trellis for them I had laying around.

I love plants that vine.  It is awesome how the wrap so tightly around the nearest thing they can find.

We also planted several pea pods in our garden.  We have been trying to keep to a tight budget so we didn’t want to go out and spend any money on supplies for the garden.  We forgot that the pea pods needed a trellis or line to cling to and grow.  One afternoon after cutting the lawn I had noticed the tree in the front needed some trimming done.  After trimming and dragging the small branches to our compost pile I thought how pretty would it be to use the branches at little trellis’s for the pea pods!  So I stripped off all the leaves and bent them into a curve and My Hubby pushed them into the ground.

I absolutely love natural elements in the garden!  Our tomatoes have metal basket things around them and I think they look awful! We will eventually come up with something more natural for those as well.

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