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Throwback Thursday!

So I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with a topic.  What’s better than a Throwback Thursday!

Upon my browsing of Pinterest I came across this photo of an old barrette… I thought to myself.. “I still have mine”  My Great Aunt made all of us girls these in white and red with bells on the bottom for Christmas one year way back in the 80’s.

Photo credit: Kid Giddy  Click Image for how to on Kid giddy

The image below is closer to the ones I have from my childhood.

Photo Credit: Agape Love Designs Click image for the how to.

There are so  many really neat throwback ideas on Pinterest!

These ties would make a nice gift!

tetris and pong Photo credit: Pinterest

Who can forget the friendship bracelet?

Were your wrists covered in them?  Mine were at one point.

Click the pic for a how to at The Purl Bee

photo credit:The Purl Bee

Here is a link to a how to for these friendship bracelet gifts!  I would turn these into end of the year gifts!  Or grad gifts/party favors!!!

Photo Credit: dandee

Well that about sums it up for this post.  I’m thinking we have a Throwback Thursday once a month.?  Maybe.

I do have an idea for my next one.. Yummy fondu! 😉

Till next time… keep it crafty!



Tulle Skirt Inspired By Anthropologie

While browsing the lovely Pinterest a while back I came across this gorgeous skirt.  I absolutely fell in love with it.  I found out it was an Anthropologie skirt found here.  It was a little to pricey for my budget, but you know me… I will challenge myself to create something similar. 🙂

What I used:

2 inch elastic

6 yards of tulle

2 yards of lining

To get started I used this Pattern I found on found here.  I must say this is a great bookmark!!  I have referred to this site on more than a couple occasions.  The first time on A knock off rock a billy dress. Post.  It is great to learn and have around for sure! Before you know it you will be making circle skirts for all the girls in your family!

I cut out the lining and then 2 layers of tulle.  You can add as many tulle layers as you like.

measure your waist and cut your elastic be sure to add an inch or so.

finish the edge of your lining and them using a zig zag stitch attach the layers to your elastic.  You may need to gather.  If you want a fuller skirt add an extra inch to the waist measurement for the circle skirt making sure to compensate the inch for the length.

not my favorite picture but I wanted to show the length.

Thank you to my daughter for having fun taking these pictures 🙂 I made the lovely owl necklace in the picture as well… Perhaps another post?

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial… till next time 😉

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Frozen Grapes Anyone?

photo ©Stacey Austin

This has become a party favorite at our parties.  I usually use seedless red and green grapes.  These were just to have in the freezer for a quick snack and the grapes were on sale 🙂  yes yes I do lurve me a good sale! Especially on produce!  I mentioned these grapes in the The Big day… Sweet 16 to remember post.  These grapes are always the first to go!  They add a nice cool healthy treat to your food table.  I also recommend these guys for summer BBQ’s and just to have in the freezer for an after school snack!

What you’ll need:

Seedless Grapes
granulated sugar
bamboo skewers


I start by washing the grapes.  This can be done however you choose but I like to get as much of the impurities off them as possible.  I don’t like the idea of eating pesticide.  Anyway to do this when I get home with my produce. I fill up the sink with cold water and add a cup of vinegar then I put all my produce in it and swish around.  The vinegar will clean off any wax, pesticides etc. that are lingering on the fruit and veggies. Drain the water and rinse thoroughly.  Once your grapes are clean pick them off the bunch and put into a colander.  Grab a baking sheet and set aside.  rinse the grapes again with cold water (the water is needed to hold the sugar) and start putting them on the skewers and setting on the baking sheet.  Once you have them all done sprinkle the grapes with sugar.  How much sugar you use is up to you, you can omit the sugar completely.  I try the grapes and if they are sour I will add a bit more sugar if they are sweet then none.  Put the baking sheet in the freezer.  Once they are frozen you can transfer them to a large Ziploc baggy or freezer container.

Enjoy! 🙂


Light Lime Slaw

Photo ©Stacey Austin

Here in the Chicagoland area we have had our annual few warm days in early spring.  I do love these days I only wish they’d stay longer.  As I type there are ice balls bouncing off of our picnic table in the backyard.  Sigh.  Well during those couple of warm days I got to feeling like I’m coming out of the winter hibernation finally and felt like having a nice light dinner.  In our home we are big fans of the show Chopped.  I think this is because ever since being a young girl I remember experimenting with food.  My very first food I cooked, aside from toast, was french fries.  I remember going through my Moms seasonings and shaking random seasonings into the hot oil with the fries.  This was exciting for me.  My Sister and I were being babysat by my Aunt so I felt lucky being able to cook with very little help. While her and my sister did their hair and make up I cooked.   The fries turned out great from what I remember.  Ever since then I have enjoyed crafting food. 😉  Well lets get back to this light dinner mood I was in..  Winter is full of oven cooking, hearty meals and comfort foods and to me summer is all about light meals and BBQ’s.  So I decided to make mini tacos.  I wanted something different tho.  I wanted a summery twist.  So I went in the fridge and pulled out the cabbage, and limes  and thought hmm, I can turn this into something awesome.

Light Lime Slaw


2 cups shredded cabbage
1 tsp extra virgin olive oil

2 limes

½ tsp sesame seeds

½ tsp celery salt

pinch of red pepper flakes

pinch of cracked pepper

In a large bowl whisk together the olive oil, juice from the limes, celery salt, pepper flakes and cracked pepper.  While this sits for a few allowing the juices to absorb flavor from the seasoning toast the sesame seeds.  The more you toast the nuttier the flavor.  For this slaw I like them very lightly toasted.  You can also choose to leave the seeds out.  Once toasted add them to the dressing and whisk.  Add the cabbage to the bowl and using tongs toss until well coated.

I made this to top our mini tacos.  It can be added atop baked chicken breasts or even fish.  🙂



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The Big Day… A Sweet 16 to Remember.

I do hope everyone is enjoying this weekend!  Well the big day came and went and I am satisfied with the results! It was a great party!  I am going to share all of my prep and party planning.  I saved big money on my daughters sweet 16 party by cutting a few corners and doing the work myself.

We started the day finishing up food prep and getting all the snacks ready. The menu was simple, I didn’t want to have a ton of leftovers and I didn’t want to over spend on food, too much food means too much time away from doing other important things.  So we kept it very simple.


  • sub sandwich
  • mostaccioli
  • garlic bread
  • strawberry cheesecake salad
  • frozen grape kabobs
  • assortment of chips
  • crackers and cheese
  • salsa
  • water
  • assortment of soda
  • sweet tea
  • pink lemonade

For starters we ordered a 6ft sub from the Walmart Deli.  We had ham, turkey and American cheese on the sub and had all the condiments on the side so everyone could choose how they wanted their sandwich.  I found that it is much cheaper to order a full sub as opposed to ordering individual sandwiches or even a cut sub.  It is so simple to just cut it yourself.  The sub can be divided and wrapped in saran wrap and put in the fridge until it is ready to be cut later in the day. I cut the sub into individual sandwiches and arranged it on a large platter.   I made a large pan of my ‘famous’ mostaccioli.  ( I have several people that ask if I’m making it for every party, I think they secretly only come for the cioli.. lol) 🙂 I can make a large pan of it for as little as $10.  The most expensive thing in it is the cheese.  The mostaccioli was prepared the evening before and cooked in the oven the day of so it was a very quick and simple dish. For garlic bread to go with the pasta I used 4 cans of biscuits cut each one in half and stretched each piece a bit then sprinkled with garlic powder and oregano and baked as directed.  I made frozen grape kabobs the day before the party.  These are simple and easy to make and cheap if you get the grapes on sale.  Because they are frozen they keep for a while in the freezer!  Trust me this will be the first dish to go.  🙂  I found a recipe on Google for a strawberry cheesecake salad. Sounds yummy right!?  It is!  And very simple to make! Most of the prep for this salad can be done the day or night before the party.  I mixed the liquids and powder the night before and also cut the strawberries and sealed in a Ziploc.  The only prep that can’t be done before hand is the cutting of the bananas because they will brown if they sit too long so those get cut just before serving!  Check out the recipe below!

photo and recipe from click here for recipe

I put out a tray of assorted snack crackers and a cheese spread.  Potato Chips, pretzels, tortilla chips and salsa were put in bowls and all set out on tables for a simple snack item in reach.  For beverages I filled dispensers with Country Time pink lemonade and homemade sweet tea.   I also had bottled water and 4 3 liters of soda.  I wanted to make sure we had a nice assortment of beverages.  Remember not everyone drinks carbonated drinks!

Our total cost altogether for our entire food and beverage menu was just about $75.  I purchased as much as I could from the dollar store and Aldi and I made sure to grab what I needed in advance when there was a great sale and I had a coupon.  By making my own large pan of pasta I saved $40.  Compared to our local caterer.  So any entre you can make, like baked or fried chicken etc. that is simple for you do it yourself!!  You will save big $$!

The next step of day was putting up decorations.  The party colors were black and purple so all of our decorations were those colors.  We found this neat ceiling decoration on Pinterest and did it in the party colors.  We also used streamers.

photo from pinterest

We had plans to set up a large tent in the driveway where the dance floor would be however due to high winds we were unable to use the tent.  But the birthday girl didn’t seem to mind.

We put black and purple table cloths on all the tables.  Using I made coordinating signs for each table.  On the gift table we placed a sign with the signature pillow I created a while back.  The guests were able to sign it when they placed gifts and cards on the table.

The sign reads: Sign my Pillow Pick a spot, and write a note, over time I’ll enjoy reading what you wrote, please be polite and leave some room for others.

I created a nice candy buffet in rainbow colors.  The birthday girls favorite candy is skittles.  We put another sign on the buffet table along with some bags and ties that had a little thank you card attached.  The candy buffet had skittles, the dum dum tree, marshmallow horns (unicorn horns), life savers, gummy bears, pixie stix, Twizzlers and gourmet marshmallow pops.  I used black and purple ribbon and circle tags that coordinate with the signs also made on as seen in this post for the sweet 16 invitations.

We left a space on one side of the candy buffet table for the cake.  A friend of mine volunteered to take on this cake my daughter wanted.  She had several different cakes she liked and my friend put all three of them together and came up with this gorgeous cake design.

We put together matching plates, napkins and silverware with coordinating circle cut outs for the cake.

I set up a photo booth for the guests.  My daughter and I spent 8 hours creating photo props.  We wanted to have a large assortment.  We also spent a few bucks at the dollar store for some neat glasses and a few other props.  I made signs for the booth explaining how to use it and also one for props and one explaining the photos will be mailed out after the party.  I also made a little sign for the entrance saying open on one side and closed on the other.  The booth wasn’t open the entire day because I of course needed the camera to take pictures.

we had a ton of props!

This is how the booth was arranged.

After the party we sent out the guests photos on these neat photo strips I created using adobe elements.

Once all the party preps were set it was time to party! 🙂

The festivities started with the birthday girl being crowned, My hubby and I found the this beautiful tiara at The Icing in the mall.

Her Daddy is so proud.

Opening the gift from us. I couldn’t book her favorite band for her party but I did the next best thing and bought her 4 tickets to see them next month. She was totally not expecting them especially having this big box to open. 🙂 She was so happy she cried.

That is it.  The day was absolutely amazing and I am sure it was extremely memorable for her!

Coming up I’m going to be posting info on how to make the food and a how to for the photo booth.

until next time..

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