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DIY Address Book & Freebie

I believe I made a promise to upload a freebie! 🙂

I finally got it done and all worked out!

This is a Tutorial and freebie in one.  I had been shopping for a new address book for some time now.  I didn’t like what I found for the price that was on it!  So my imagination gears were spinning and I came up with a way to make my own address book.  Not only is it cheaper for what I want but it is also customizable to my liking and can be made customizable to your liking as well!  I was annoyed by my old address book because of a few reasons.  1. There wasn’t a section for websites.  I started forgetting my passwords and such cause of so many so for my address book there is a section just for websites!  Of course you can leave this section out or make a separate book for that. 🙂 2. I have like a bazzillion A’s and No Z’s in my address book, there was just not enough room for my A’s and A’s and B’s were together so my B’s would get lost in the A’s.  Now I can print as many A’s as I need!  3. When people move I can just simply print up a new page No more white out! 🙂 Or strike outs. 🙂  4. I now have a section for just birthdays! no more being a day late! 😉

So lets get started shall we?

First the FREEBIE I created!! 😀  Let’s get the files we need.  I have below links to download each of files you will need including a file with instructions on how to change colors and print the documents.  You don’t have to be a pro at word and I am here to answer any questions.

Address Book A to Z

Address Book Websites

Address Book Birthdays

Address Book document instructions

*note these documents were created from scratch by me!  Please do not claim them as your own.  If you use them in your own blog please provide proper credit and a link to my blog.  Please read my full disclaimer and copyright page. 🙂

Now that you have the documents downloaded lets get them printed up.

I wanted to make this as simple as possible.  If you are ok with the color they are then all you have to do is follow the instructions on changing the Letter and the Months.

Get your pages all printed out.

Here is a list of the materials you will need to do this project.

  1. all the printed pages from my documents
  2. 1″ binder
  3. Material of your choice
  4. A paper cutter with ruler
  5. cardstock
  6. 3 hole punch
  7. a page divider (this is just for measurements)
  8. clear tape
  9. ½” letter stickers
  10. hot glue gun and glue sticks
  11. box cutter
  12. hole punch reinforcement stickers

Sorry for the jumbled mess lol 🙂

First we will need to prepare the paper.

So on a nice large and clean work area get your cutter and print outs.  As seen in the photo below you are going to measure the left side of your page to 7 inches and cut.

Next turn the page so you are cutting on the opposite side line up to 6 inches and cut.  As seen below.

Do this with all of the printed pages.

Next we are going to punch the holes on the right side of the pages.

Your pages should look like this.

This is a great time to take a break.  Yes that took some time.  Unless you have one of the awesome cutters the schools have and where able to cut multiple pages at a time!  Sweet! Lucky you 😉

Next step we are going to start making the dividers.

take one of the dividers and line it up on a piece of card stock as seen in the photo below.  Use a pencil and mark a line down the card stock. This section should be ½” wide.

Now affix the uppercase letter A at the very top right of the card stock.  Using scissors make a horizontal cut under the A to the line you marked in the last step.  Using your cutter or scissors cut off the strip you marked.  If you use the cutter make note of the measurement for the cut this way you can just use that for the rest of the tabs instead of marking each piece.  Your alignment for it should be 8″ so you are cutting off a ½” strip.

Line your Letter A tab card stock up onto another piece of card stock and affix the Capitol letter B just below the A.  Cut horizontally on the top and bottom of the letter B ½” in close to the letter.

Cut off the strips as you did with the Letter A tab.

Depending on the size of your letters you should have Q at the very bottom when you get to that letter.  If not that is fine. Just continue the last steps until you get to the bottom.  Your next letter will be at the top of the next card stock page in my case it was the letter R. Continue on to Z.

Next using your lower case letters turned sideways stick the word “web” just under Z tab you just made.  Cut horizontally as you did for the letters and cut off the strips.  Do the same for birthdays.  I made my tab say “b~days”

Next step can be tricky.  We are going to cut the dividers to fit.  Turn the dividers so the tab is on the left side of the cutter and line up to the 6″ mark.  DO NOT measure the tab!  See the photo below for proper measurement.

Cut each divider then punch in the holes on the opposite side of the tabs.

Now we are going to move on to the binder.  So put all of your paper aside clean up your space so you have a nice clean area to work in again.

Take a break if needed and have a glass of wine or stretch 🙂

Open your binder and using your letter A piece of paper put it in the rings.  Use a pencil and mark the edge of the paper on the top and bottom on the right side onto the inside of the binder.  Measure from that to the right another ½” or so make a straight line and carefully cut off the end using your box cutters.  (you want to leave enough of the binder to cover the tabs when closed)

Close the binder and using the cut side as a guide cut the other side off of the binder.

Open your binder and lay it on the wrong side of your fabric.  Cut the fabric leaving about 2″ all the way around the binder.

fold in the 4 corners hot gluing them down trim the point off.

Run a bead of hot glue down the side from corner to corner and fold the edge in half. NOT over the binder yet!

this will make a nice clean edge.

Now run another bead of hot glue this time fold over the binder.

Do the same for all 4 sides making sure you pull the material taut so there are no wrinkles and it is nice and tight to the binder.

You can also spray glue the material to the binder if you like.

Make sure the edges are glued down good adding more hot glue if necessary.

Next step we are going to start filling our binder!

Before putting pages in put the reinforcement stickers on the front and back of your pages. These will help your pages last a long time. 🙂  You can put them on one side only if you like. Or not at all!  Remember the best part of this project is you make it your own!

I liked having the pockets inside so I left them. I sometimes get letters from people and I rip off their address and stick it in my address book so I can write it in later. lol I also sometimes like to keep important business cards in my address book and they usually fall out so I kept the pockets for this purpose! 😀

As you can see I only put my reinforcements on one side but I am going back to add them to the other side too because I have plenty left over!

Save any you have left for future use if you ever need to add pages to your address book!  They also come in handy when doing your own manicures.. but that is a totally different post! 😉

Here is my finished book!

As you can see I added an embroidered patch to the front of my book that says Addresses. You don’t have to do this or you can! It’s all customizable to you!

The final step is to put write in your addresses and enjoy your custom made address book!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and the freebie!

Till next time.. Keep it Crafty! 😉

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How to Make a Simple Petticoat


Does it look complicated?  If you said yes… I have some good news.. it isn’t!  It is also surprisingly cheap to make!

In my previous post A knock off Rockabilly dress I shared how I made a similar looking Hell Bunny dress.  To finish the look I needed a petticoat.  Petticoats can be quite pricey depending on the length and fullness you are looking for.  I have come up with an inexpensive simple way to create this petticoat.

So here is what you will need:

  1. A roll of tulle 15 yards 4″ wide
  2. elastic
  3. 2 yards of lining material
  4. 5/8 inch  ribbon in matching color approx. 3 spools 18′ come on the Offray spools

Yep that’s it! 4 things!

The roll of tulle was $2.99 Ribbon was 1.97 a roll and the elastic was 28¢ a yard. The lining was $1.99 a yard.

pretty cheap 🙂

 The lining can be anything from nylon to a cotton blend.  Whatever is cheapest for you and won’t irritate the skin.  My lining is a cotton blend with some nylon in it.  I just grabbed the black bolt in the lining section at my fabric store.  There are usually 3 color choices.. white, black, and cream.  If you go with Nylon you can find more colors  but this is not necessary because only the bottom of the petticoat will be visible.

I found the roll of tulle at Joanns in the bridal section. there are several color choices.  If you want to make a really bold statement Hobby Lobby carries a variety of tulle rolls ranging from solids to polka dotted to zebra print in many colors.  Be frugal and go to their websites to print out or save to your smart phone their coupon! It will save you $$!

The satin ribbon can also be found at any fabric or craft stores in a wide variety of colors and prints!  For my petticoat we wanted something simple but gorgeous because we didn’t want to take the attention away from the dress.  The dress as seen in my previous post has many eye catching statements so we didn’t want to take from those.  however I think a dress with less eye candy would look amazing with a black petticoat and hot pink ribbon! 😉  Or even a purple polka dotted petticoat with a bright bold yellow ribbon!  (say that 5x’s fast) lol

Don’t be afraid to bring your dress in to the store with you to match up the perfect tulle and ribbon!  Trust me the ladies & gentlemen in the fabric department LOVE to see what you are creating and share their ideas and get input on yours!  Most of them share your love for sewing and crafting!  In the time I worked as a supervisor in a fabric store I have seen everything from pillows, shoes, to motorcycle gas tanks come in! YES a man brought in a gas tank from his custom motorcycle to get some great vinyl to match!!

Let’s get started!

You will need to cut from the tulle one 8 yard piece and one 4 yard piece.

From your lining you will need to cut a 6 inch by 2 yard piece. You will have plenty left for your next petticoat 😉

Starting with the 8 yard piece fold it in half, set your machine to 1.5 mm stitch and sew the ends together to make a giant tulle circle.  fold down the seam to one side and sew over it close to the edge.  You don’t have to do this it just makes it look prettier when the seam isn’t sticking out.

Follow that step for your 4 and 2 yard pieces.

Grab your 8 yard piece and a spool of ribbon, fold the ribbon over the edge of the tulle and sew into place with your length set  around 3.5 mm.  This gives your petticoat a really polished and finished look!  This is a tedious step and the hardest step.  But don’t stress over it. once you are done go back and check the ribbon and mark each spot that the thread missed and go back and sew it.  No big deal! 🙂 even when pinned I miss a spot or two!  When you reach the end of the ribbon grab another spool and to start it fold the end under a bit and do the same when you come to the where you started.

With your machine set to 5.0 mm stitch around the 8 yard piece on the side without the ribbon.  gather and attach it with pins to the 4 yard piece and baste.  You will have to work the gather to get a good fit.  Open it up and using the ribbon lay it flat over the seam between the 2 pieces stitch the bottom of the ribbon down then the top taking care to fold the ends to make for a polished finish also because ribbon frays! and we don’t want our pretty petticoat to look drab with frayed ribbon sticking out. 🙂

Gather the top of the 4 yard layer just like you did for the 8 yard piece. Attach it to the lining piece by sewing it with a 2.5mm stitch.  Fold the seam up towards the lining and top stitch around sewing the seam down.

Over lock the edge of the lining piece or serge it.  fold down ½ inch or so just enough to fit your elastic sew down leaving an opening at the seam to insert the elastic.

measure your waist and cut the elastic to fit.  Feed the elastic through the top of the petticoat.  Sew the ends together with 1/2 inch seam allowance or more depending on how snug you want it.  Try it on, if the fit is good sew the opening shut. If not adjust as needed.

Cut any hanging threads, and if your cat is like mine and MUST lay on everything you are working on use a lint roller to get the fuzz and hair off of  it.  The lint roller also works great for little pieces of thread..I find that thread is highly attracted to tulle.  🙂

You are done!  Put it on and admire the beauty! 🙂

It just looks so amazing with the ribbon! and when it sticks out of the bottom of the dress slightly it is so adorable!


Some additional options..

If you would like your petticoat to be even fuller you can simply repeat the steps for the 8 and 4 yard pieces omitting the ribbon between the pieces but making sure you still fold over ribbon on the bottom of the 8 yard piece and you will want to fold the seam up and sew it down between the pieces where you leave off the ribbon.  This piece you make will be gathered and attached to the lining piece with the first piece you made but underneath it.  So you will have 2 layers of the 8 and 4 yard piece but the top layer will be the one with the ribbon between the 8 and 4 yard piece.

If you would like your petticoat to be longer you can do this by making the lining piece wider than 6″ or adding another layer to the bottom making this layer 9-10 yards long.  You can also achieve more length by making 2 4 yard pieces and sewing them together before attaching one end to the 8 yard piece.

You can also leave out the ribbon all together 🙂

Until next time!  Happy Sewing!!


A knock off rockabilly dress

This has been a dreadful month with all the upcoming events and holidays not to mention the glitch which has caused a great delay on our tax refund. I have been under tremendous stress which leads to panic attacks. I don’t like taking my meds for it because I’m not a medicine person. I’d much rather find relief a different way. For me, being behind my sewing machine helps! So that is where I have spent a majority of my time this month working on random things.

Recently my daughter came to me with a photo of a rockabilly dress she found on google that she must have. I looked into it and the cost was too high for our budget so I decided to try and make the dress myself.  So I hit the internet, pinterest and fabric store pattern books to try and put together a dress for her.  After much debate and consideration I finally found the perfect match ups for the dress.

The original dress she found is a Hell Bunny Motley 50’s dress.

The dress is gorgeous!  I must say I’m so glad my daughter and I share the same taste in clothing 😉

I am going to share with you the way I made my version of the dress. My version of the dress is quite different from the Hell Bunny dress.  For starters the bodice is longer.  The band goes all the way around to the back instead of stopping at the sides.  The back of the bodice is not smocked, instead the dress is fitted to fit her I also made sure it can be taken out in the waist.  The pockets and the collar are not rounded I found it much easier to make them square.  And finally because I could not find the embroidered anchor for purchase I hand painted them on the pockets instead.

First I came across this awesome tutorial on how to make a simple circle skirt on .  The pattern can be found here.  I used this method to make the bottom of the dress.  I did not cut the seams in the skirt. I only cut one seam to allow for the zipper.

For the top of the dress I used New Look pattern #0168 Dress A

I chose this pattern because it had the band (collar)  I also used the thick straps.  To make this work for the way my daughter wanted the dress I did not use the midriff, instead I carefully cut each piece of the bodice 5″ longer.  This pattern comes with many mix and match options 🙂


There is a flaw in the directions of this pattern!!

When you are making dress A the directions will tell you to baste the straps onto the bodice front, then your next step is the band. DO NOT DO THIS! Although I knew better I had a total brain fart and followed the directions only to have to remove the entire band and straps! The  band must be basted before the straps or the straps will end up under the band flipping it up.

I used satin ribbon for the stripes for the collar I used heat n bond to attach the ribbon before sewing it down.

I also did not sew the straps to the back of the bodice and I made them longer so they can tie in the back like a halter.

Once the bodice was complete I attached it to the skirt.  the top of the bodice has a hook and eye and a 14″ zipper that goes down about 4 inches into the skirt.

I had my daughter put the dress on for about the 10th time so I could cut the skirt to the length she wanted.  I find that it is much easier to use bias tape on the hem of circle skirts.  Trying to hem it would have taken me an entire day and it would still be wrinkled, so instead I made bias tape out of the same material I used for the dress and attached it to the bottom hem of the skirt.

For the top of the pockets I used some scrap white satin and cut it asymmetrically then just cut a basic square pocket.

I hand painted the cute anchor design on the pockets.  And finally attached the white satin ribbon to the bottom.

My final step was the bow for the top left of the bodice.

We wanted the dress to have some poof at the bottom so I whipped together my simple petticoat. ( view the tutorial here)

photo ©Stacey Austin

And here is the final result!

photo ©Stacey Austin

photo ©Stacey Austin

photo ©Stacey Austin

This was my first time piecing together patterns to create something.  I am pretty pleased with how it came out and Caitlin couldn’t be happier!!

If you love vintage looks and for a wide variety of amazing dresses and clothes I urge you to check out  more awesome designs by Hell Bunny Check out their facebook page by clicking the picture below!


Sweet 16 Invitations

It has been a while since I’ve posted on the blog.  I have been so busy working on my spring cleaning amongst many other projects!  I did get the invitations done today! Woohoo!

My daughter and I went up to Party City to get invitations for her party.  When we got there we were very disappointed.  The selection was disappointingly small, and the prices were outrageous!  We found one Sweet 16 invitation and it was not in her colors.. it was of course frilly pink and poofy.  So we decided instead of paying $9.99 for 8 invitations we would head out to Joann Fabrics and check out paper and card stock.

To our surprise the scrapbook paper crafts were all 50% off!

So we grabbed:

a box of 36 A2 4.25″x5.5″ glitter cards $5

a package of white card stock $2

8 feet of decorative ribbon $2

Our supplies we used at home:

2 inch circle punch

paper cutter


glue tape (double sided sticky tape or dots etc.)


I used this amazing ‘design and print online’ at I absolutely love this!! It helped me for invites and decor at my sons grad party!

For these cards I used the 2″ circle template, avery product #22824

and for the inside of the card I used #18664

I made a  line design and used the gorgeous Bella Donna font (the site offers many options for fonts and creating)

I used the hole punch for the circles and the paper cutter to get a precise line for the inside of the cards.

This is what we came up with…

Outside of the cards. The ribbon was stuck on using glue tape and the circle was punched out using the circle punch then glue taped onto the ribbon.


And the inside we typed out the party info.  The Avery site also has this option to carry your design onto another template with the click of a button!  I know like I said AMAZING! 🙂

And there it is!

So these cards are frugal and creative. not to mention sentimental because they are created by us! Caitlin is so excited to hand these out to all her friends!

I added up our savings…

The invitations at Party City were $9.99 for a pack of 8. We would have needed a minimum of 3 packs.  And I say minimum because we always end up needing more for those we had a duh moment and forgotten about. Take no offense to these moments because it happens to everyone. 😉  But I am going to add up the total for 36 invites which is what we got from the craft store.  So we would have needed 4.5 packages and since we can’t just buy half the package we would have had to buy 5 packages and the other half would have gone to waste.

For our invitations we purchased supplies for at Joann Fabrics we got at 50% off.  We only needed the one box and a few other supplies.

 Party city invitations   $50.00

Our own invitations supplies purchased at Joanne Fabrics $9.00

a total savings of $41.00

We made our invites for $9.00  and actually less than that because we only used 23 of the cards and they are blank so the unused cards can be used for other things 🙂  I like that savings! Even if the supplies weren’t 50% off we would have paid $16.00 for 36 invites as opposed to $50.00.  So sale or not it was big savings!  And that makes me smile!  $41.00 is a lot of money these days. That is more than what it costs my daughter and I to have lunch at our favorite restaurant!

Joann Fabrics also has 50% off coupons and you can grab them from your phone and have it scanned right off of your phone at the register.  click here to check it out!

I hope you enjoyed the savings and creativity in this post!

Till next time… 😉

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