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My Sweet Little Lady

on February 11, 2013



Here is my beautiful little lady Caitlin.  She was born in 1997 weighing 8 lbs 3 oz. We had a hard time trying to figure out if she was going to be a boy or a girl.  We went in for our first ultra sound the whole way Daddy was saying “I know it’s a boy”!  It was like he bonded with the baby in my belly before I did!  We get down to the time during the ultra sound when the Dr. asked if we would like to know the sex of our baby.  YES! of course we did 🙂  So he gets the machine lined up and just about in position to determine the sex and her little hands both move down and cover herself.  We were the talk of the office for some time.  The Dr. told us never has he ever seen this happen.  Luckily we have a recording of it.  See back then we didn’t have that fancy machine that gives you a real life 3D photo of your baby.  Ours was just black and white 2D.  Well the Dr. gave us another date for an ultra sound and we eventually were told “it’s a girl”  We were thrilled, and at that moment she became Daddy’s little girl. My little boy was going to be a big brother and have a little sister to look after!  Along with my son and the thoughts of his future I started to think of hers!

Caitlin and her Daddy April 1997.

Caitlin and her Daddy April 1997.

She has grown into a beautiful young lady.  She is still Daddy’s little girl and I don’t think either of them could live without the other. Caitlin has a unique sense of humor.  She can get a room of crabby people laughing.  She loves music, some of her favorite bands are; Asking Alexandria, Bullet for my Valentine, Black Veil Brides and Bring me the Horizon.  She has a very colorful personality.  To me her Ora is like the prism but the whole picture not just the rainbow.  It’s all the colors and black and white as well.  She loves crafting with me. She paints and sews also.  She enjoys cooking and baking. She recently made a red velvet cake… YUM! 🙂  She loves to play xbox and watch movies as a family.  We have family game nights and movie nights. Her and I love our Mom & Daughter days! We shop, and get lunch and just talk about anything!  Caitlin doesn’t want children (she said they creep her out), she would rather have a house full of random animals.  She currently has 2 guinea pigs and a beta fish.  We have had the lizards, hamsters, etc.

Caitlin and her big brother Stephen.  She loves to cut and style hair! He is such a champ, what a sweet brother letting her practice on him.

Caitlin and her big brother Stephen. She loves to cut and style hair! He is such a champ, what a sweet brother letting her practice on him.

About a year ago we found out Caitlin had a kidney stone over half the size of her kidney.  For a couple years she would randomly complain of back pain which was brought to the attention of her Dr. and passed off as sympathy pains at first for her Father (he had herniated several disks in his back).  Then a year before we found out what it was, she was really complaining of pain. I took her again to see the Dr. and this time he asked her to leave the room and told me he thinks she wants attention.  This was odd to me because our children get an overload of attention we are always spending time together.  He assured me she was fine but gave her a prescription for muscle inflammation and sent us on our way.  Last March she got up one morning and sat on the couch in a curled up position, I asked her what was wrong and she said her side hurt really bad and ended up getting sick. I was terrified thinking it was her appendix and it had to hurt bad enough to cause her to vomit.  So it was off to the ER we went.  After several hours and and a couple xrays the Dr. came in telling us she had a kidney stone about the size of a dime.  She would be admitted and a specialist would be consulted.  That evening she had a CT scan and the next morning the specialist came in eager to meet this wonder child.  He showed us the results and told us how big the stone really was, the xray only showed a small portion of it which would be the hardest part of the stone.  He was in shock and many questions came out as to how could she have gone so long not knowing had she ever complained of pain.  Why wasn’t she screaming in agony.  He was also upset to know that when her pain was brought up to her Dr. it was brushed off. Although he advised we got a new Dr. the deal was done when the ER Dr. told us she had a kidney stone.  I had a stone when I was 22 and my exact words were “I’d rather be giving natural birth to twins”  so I know she was hurting and bad!  It was a very long week he didn’t want to waste anytime he wanted to get that thing out asap.  he gave us 2 dates to choose from one was the day of her grandpas surgery and the other was a day after her birthday.  She wanted to be there for her grandpa so she chose the day after her birthday!  After the whole ordeal was done we went for a follow up to his office and the entire staff had to get a peek at the amazing 14/15 year old that had a kidney stone the size of her kidney and took it like a champ.  She was the talk of the office.  We were very fortunate that her kidney did not suffer damage.

A good friend of ours was telling us about how she extracted dna from a banana Caitlin had to do it for the science fair.  She only got a participation award because the judges said it was too advanced.  It is very easy actually. :)

A good friend of ours was telling us about how she extracted dna from a banana Caitlin had to do it for the science fair. She only got a participation award because the judges said it was too advanced. It is very easy actually. 🙂

This was our ditch day 🙂 We went down town to the Field museum and Shedd Aquarium. We had such a fun and educational day!

Well that was a little bit about the girl of the hour!  a couple stories and a bit about her.  We are so excited to get this planning under way.  We already have some crafts lined up for the party and I can’t wait to share them!!


3 responses to “My Sweet Little Lady

  1. tammie says:

    yep she is very colorful like her great grandma and her grandma 🙂 and she IS amazing 🙂

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